January 23rd GCW Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mary Ellen Dempsey, Louise Schnur, Robert Steffens, Chery Anderson, Therese Crutcher-Marin, June Gillam, Louis Borelli, Alton Pryor, Penn L. Smith, and Susan KornOld Business: Susan Korn completed the process as our Facilitator. She presented the results of the members who voted on the Vision and Mission proposals. An Executive Summary was read and submitted as a final report on the January 9th and 23rd meetings.The majority of the members agreed on these 5 Top Priorities for … [read more]

Moving Forward in 2013

Susan explaining the steps to be followed On January 9, 2013, the Gold Country Writers will meet to discuss the direction the group wants the club move in the new year. WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOES NOT WORK? In December of 2012 Gold Country Writers made the decision to hold several brain-storming meetings in January to decide which activities were successful and which could be eliminated or changed to allow the group to become more goal oriented in the current year. WHAT IS THE MISSION? The … [read more]