Tom Rigney & Flambeau light up the Divide

Tom Rigney and Flambeau light up the Divide By Betsy Schwarzentraub   Tom Rigney and Flambeau lit the audience on fire at Georgetown’s IOOF Hall on March 19, 2017 with sizzling music and a spirited stage presence. The Music On The Divide concert brought longtime fans and new enthusiasts to pack the house and cheer their foot-stomping, eclectic music. The heart of it all is Tom Rigney, a world-class fiddler who plays a fiery bow with dancing passion to match. A prolific composer … [read more]

Winning stories 2017 100 Word Contest

First-place in 2017 goes to Rebecca Inch-Partridge Wallet By Twilight Splendor “Hey lady, give me your wallet.” “Okay. Relax. I’m not going to get myself killed over forty bucks. But I need my driver’s license. I’m flying out to see my dying mother.” “I don’t give a damn about your driver’s license.” “Of course you don’t. You must be in a bad situation to risk going to prison for armed robbery. Here’s my wallet and business card. I’m a social worker.” “I’m pointing a damn gun at your … [read more]

“Wild Is As Wild Was” by John Joseph Bowman

These wild animals didn’t get the memo. There’s a town here now, people and cars, slamming doors, houses buzzing with Netflix and washing machines. The bear who tipped over the garbage on Borland Avenue didn’t get the memo, nor did the mountain lion who loped past Depoe Bay Coffee and stopped at the corner of High Street and Kenmass, and sniffed the air outside the Journal. The Steller’s Jay didn’t get the memo or the Rock Wrens, the Acorn Woodpeckers, Calliope Hummingbirds, … [read more]