Pauline Nevins: Another View Auburn Journal

As the world celebrates the 90th birthday of the Queen of England I think it’s a perfect time to brag about my connection to Her Majesty. I was made aware of this relationship via a message from London.My friend Della began her email to me with a surprising announcement. Her younger sister, a former member of the British Parliament, was appointed to the House of Lords, and honored with the title of baroness. From now on, Della’s sister would be referred to as Lady something.“Curtesy … [read more]

Barb Murphy in Auburn Journal Op-Ed Piece

1 Sunday Apr 17 2016Another View: What is the solution for DUI-related tragedies?By: Barbara Murphy / Guest ColumnistI don’t personally know any member of Trevor Keller or Jarad Gaches family but I do know Candy Lightner (the mother of Cari Lightner). Like our local boys, Cari was only 13 years old, walking along with her twin sister, in a bicycle lane by her Fair Oaks home when she was struck and killed by a “hit and run” driver. That was in May 1980 – 1:30 p.m. on a beautiful … [read more]

59 Word Contest Winning Entries

FIRST PLACE:THE POET'S STONE: A CAUTIONARY TALE BY HESTER JONESTwo men, blinded by a moonless night, pass on a narrow cliff-side path. One is a starving vagrant, the other, a cursed victim. Which is which? A flashing knife rips flesh; screams dwindle into silent death. Flint sparks bring cursed light. A gasp, then wails of grief as the killer leaps toward hungry boulders far below...two dead brothers.SECOND PLACE:A NEW LIFE BY PAULINE NEVINSThin fingers wet from the icy sea … [read more]