Interest in politics does not end with retirement

GCW member and retired California legislator, Jerry Scribner, continues to write essays and Letters to the Editors of local newspapers sharing his thoughts with residents of the Gold Country.  His January letter was published in the Sacramento Bee.  Another  recent letter was published in the Georgetown Gazette. … [read more]

Norma Lehr Publishes Seventh Book

Local author, Norma Lehr, recently received a copy of the newly published seventh novel. Her previous books were mysteries and children's books but her new novel is a romance novel set in San Francisco of the 1980's. The story follows a female protagonist who visits a Buddhist retreat in the Sierra Nevada mountain. "It's a book I had written many years ago but then pulled out and took some time to finished the manuscript." Her publisher designed the cover with a Tree of Life design which is one … [read more]

Stockton Record Looks at June Gillam’s Eire

A recent article in the Stockton Record newspaper  of a new book was raving review for Gold Country Writers member June Gillam. Titled "A Novel Approach" reporter Howard Lachtman  said Gillam's newest book House of Eire came close to leaving him at a loss for words. Lactman describes Gillam's character Hillary Broome as if she were a friend living next door. A friend who ends up being an "accidental investigator" who doesn't look for trouble but finds it on a vacation to Ireland. See the entire … [read more]