GCW Minutes March 13, 2013

The March 13, 2013 meeting of the Gold Country Writers was called to order by Chair Louis Borelli with 10 members present.


There was some discussion about the event on April 27, 2013 at the Arts Building. It was decided to name the event “A Spring Book Affair”. All members will be invited to set up a table with books but the focus will be on authors who have published a book since the GCW last book launch event in October 2012. Robin Martinez Rice made a motion to charge each author $10 to set up at the event, seconded and passed. Specialty workshops will be held in the small conference room throughout the afternoon. Robin is to contact Susan Spann, Alton Pryor, Marsha Ross and Skip Michaels to give 20 minute short informational talks. The program will be held during the One Book, One Community city-wide event and publicized as much as possible as part of that.


Louis reported speaking to Linda LoBue from the Friends of the Library’s Gold Country Book Festival slated for May 18, in the Auburn library garden. Several members and the Gold Country Writers will be part of the event.


Terese Crutcher-Marin could not be present but she sent her research on printing bookmarks to Louis. She found that 49er Printing will print 200 two-sided bookmarks for $30. Chery Anderson made a motion to purchase the 200 bookmarks, seconded and passed. As there was a question as how to pay for the bookmarks Susan Korn volunteered to provided $25 toward the purchase. Louise Jones Schnur, June Gillam, Phil Raynard and Louis Borelli each contributed $5 for a total of $50 to be used toward the expenses of the Spring Book Affair.


Terese reported the brochure could be printed on two sides in black and white for $.13 each. Louis passed around a first draft and suggestions were made but the subject was to be sent back to Terese for more detailing before printing.


Louis said that BK England was in the hospital and Marsha Ross was slated for surgery in a few days. Chery will send a card from the group with well wishes.


The next meeting of March 20 will be Attorney Susan Spann continuing her talk on “Pitfalls Authors Fall For” at the Arts Building. GCW member Richard Hurley will be speaking on April 17 on multimedia programs for book shows.


The last hour of the meeting was dedicated to a Round Robin where members talk for five minutes about their own activities.