GCW Minutes of April 24, 2013


The meeting was called to order by Chair Louis Borelli with 13 members and one guest, Betsy Schwarzentraub present.

    Publicity for the Spring Book Affair was discussed. Gail McGonigle said the Georgetown Gazette printed an article she submitted and Chery Anderson reported the Sacramento Book Page printed a notice in the Sunday paper. Ann Reh said the event was featured on our Facebook page.

The budget for the event was brought up by Susan Korn. She mentioned even though some people were making donations  to the event an accounting should be kept for future events. We need to know what the costs were to produce such an event.

Gail ran down the number of tables and chairs available from PlacerArts. She said there would be no reason to rent more. Susan is concentrating on managing the food table. Ann Reh volunteered to staff the table. Lemonade and cold water will be served. Gail offered to bring one carafe of brewed coffee. Chery Anderson will bring coffee cups and cream.

Set-up for the local authors will be from 3 to 5 pm on Friday. Louis, Pat Grogan, and Chery will bring the tables and chairs from the basement and available to use after 2:00. Those out of town authors will start their set-up at 10 am Saturday. It is hoped most of the 16 authors will be ready by 12:00. Three authors coming from Sacramento will set-up from 12 to 1:00.

Louis and Chery gave a quick run-down on the One Book One Community event at Placer High on Tuesday evening. Four Gold Country Writers members displayed their books for sale.  There was some talk about recommending to the committee two of our authors for the coming year program. The book chosen should have a local tie in. Chery said she would pass along to the committee Queen of the Northern Mines by Richard Hurley and Wild & Lusty Gold Camps by Alton Pryor.

Louis announced the May Speaker on the third Wednesday will be Cindy Sample “Motivational Efforts in Creating.” June will be Shawn Hansen and in July Steven Lease.

Publicity was brought up. Ann Reh has the Facebook page working and needs more members to punch the LIKE button to increase readership. Gail suggested the publicity committee take the roster and divide it into readers and writers. So each group could be targeted with emails of interest. Betsy and Ann volunteered to be on the publicity committee.

The second portion of the meeting was the iRead iWrite where members bring in writing to share with the group.

Chery Anderson, acting secretary