Is this a Society of Man?

The recent events in Connecticut seem to be a further testament that the society of man has been dealt a new slap to its claim to be civilized.  How can we justify a young man’s destruction of so many young lives. It would seem that we are at a state of war amongst ourselves.  While there are supposedly rules of war, we can clearly see that those rules are only meant for the mass consumption of those who will not see the sickness that we all embrace.  We all seem to embrace violence in some form, as the answer to all that conflicts within us.  We will all mourn the events at that school, and promptly go back to waiting for our god, whatever form that god may take, to solve the mentality that creates such a young man. Can not we see that this mentality is within us and corrupting within us all?  Turn and talk to the person next to you, maybe you will save your child’s’ life while saving his.  Maybe your words, whether spoken or written, will be cause for this person to turn from the violence.

All of us in this group of writers, is responsible to man to help teach them that the violence within each of us must be silenced forever so that no more shall be sacrificed and we can continue in the hope of being a society of man.  Those of you who write and those of us who aspire to write must craft our efforts to put an end to the evil violence that permeates our society.  Search for its origins with in each one of ourselves, and banish it from ourselves and our society.  We do not need new laws, we do not need new gods.  We only need to look at our own being, and  learn to understand the violence within us.  Just as we learn to write, we can learn to create peace.