January 23rd GCW Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mary Ellen Dempsey, Louise Schnur, Robert Steffens, Chery Anderson, Therese Crutcher-Marin, June Gillam, Louis Borelli, Alton Pryor, Penn L. Smith, and Susan Korn

Old Business: Susan Korn completed the process as our Facilitator. She presented the results of the members who voted on the Vision and Mission proposals. An Executive Summary was read and submitted as a final report on the January 9th and 23rd meetings.

The majority of the members agreed on these 5 Top Priorities for improvements:

1. The group needs to have clear cut goals and organized duties;

2. Elect Officers;

3. Clearly state each weeks meeting agenda and business;

4. Have committees formed to handle events and ;

5. To initiate membership fees.

New Business: GCW Group voted to approve the 1st choices of the Vision and Mission Statements. The GCW voted and agreed to have (3) members to review the Vision and Mission Statements selected for editing. It was made clear by the members the content of the Vision and Mission Statement was to remain unchanged during the editing process. It was suggested the following three people be asked to help with this project; Mary Lou Anderson and Marsha Ross (Theresa will contact both), and June Gillam who accepted. All of those recommended have experience as teachers and/or are professional editors.

Vision Statement: The Gold Country Writers vision is to be recognized, respected, and successful in offering networking opportunities, encouragement, educational, and marketing opportunities, for authors, poets, and storytellers.

Mission Statement: The Gold Country Writers a community dedicated to providing local writers with education, support, resources, and promotional opportunities. We provide authors and (aspiring) writers the ability to network, gather information, knowledge, and suggest recommendations to empower them with the tools to accomplish their writing goals. The mission of the Gold Country Writers is to be successful in helping others to reach their writing and publish goals.

Currently, Gold Country Writers is asking for volunteers to assume the positions of President/Chair/Facilitator; Co-Chair/Vice President/ Co-Facilitator as well as a backup Secretary. The group also needs someone who can setup committees as necessary. If anyone is interested in being an officer please speak up. Also think about how many committees and what type we will need. These decisions are set for next week’s meeting.

GCW hopes Marsha Ross is willing to continue as Secretary for the group and will submit meeting minutes regularly. There is, however, a need to have a backup Secretary when Marsha isn’t able to attend. Chery Anderson volunteered to act as a Treasurer using PlacerArts offer for setting up an account for Gold Country Writers.

In follow up business for our next meeting, we will determine how GCW will chose a President, Vice President, Chairman, or Co Chair should more than one person volunteer for any of the above positions. Susan K. will send emails to the membership asking for volunteers and informing members to consider how officers will be selected.

It was agreed by the members that the Lead Chair and the Secretary. will work on agenda content prior to the meeting. If someone would like to be on the agenda they are asked to notify the Lead and the Secretary for an agenda time. It would help if all requests are made at least a week in advance.

Other issues for discussion at our next meeting are the selection of GCW committees and duties, and the possibility of membership dues. GCW membership agreed there are various email lists of members, no two of which seem to be the same. A committee consisting of Chery Anderson, Penni L. Smith, and Louis Borelli was approved to correct this problem so we may have no more than two email lists. One of active members and those who are able to attend our events and another for members from out of the area who wish to be kept informed of Gold Country Writer’s activities.


Chery announced the Friends of the Library’s will have their 2nd Annual Book Festival on May 18th from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m… More information will be provided in the coming weeks concerning speakers, number of booths available, and application source.

Louise told the group that as a result of her appearances on ACTV she was recognized at a speaking function and sold 5 books.

Penni, our web consultant and developer has developed a “macro” for eBooks which makes it easier to list chapters for an eBook.

Alton posted another new book online titled “Robert E. Lee.” He will also have a booth at the Gun Show at the Auburn Fairgrounds on February 3rd and 4th.

Louis has tentatively scheduled Susan Spann, a lawyer for authors, to speak on February 20th. He’s also working on scheduling Richard Hurley and Cindy Sample to speak to our group.

June Gillam has two book signings scheduled, the first on February 3rd at Trinity Church on 27th and Capitol in Sacramento and the second on February 16th at Luna’s Café on 16th Street in Sacramento. She’ll be signing and selling her newest book, “House of Cuts.”

Robert has published his second book and is having Andrea Roth proofread his next one.

Therese visited her 101-year-old grandmother who was a trucker’s wife. She is collecting information for a third book about her grandmother’s life.

Susan Korn volunteered to submit today meeting minutes to Mary Ellen for posting due to the absence of Marsha Ross, GCW Secretary.