Joy Hemp

Gold Country Writers -- Treasurer

Sharyn JoyI am a native of California. Living until two years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area where I have had a successful bookkeeping practice. Specializing in non-profits. Spending most summers camping in the Sierras I was drawn to semi-retire near Auburn CA.
I am the author of I am…Transforming: Creating Meaningful Change Through Empowering and Inspiring Thoughts (2014). This book was written to support the set of “I am” affirmation cards I created in 2005. I believe that everything we think is an affirmation so pay attention to what you think about for you will achieve it. Basically: Thoughts held in mind create after their kind. This book is available at my website or
I am also the creator of four different sets of inspirational cards. The first in 2005 being “I am” cards, then “Letting Go” cards in 2007, “Grieving Cards” in 2013 and “Baby Blessing” cards in 2015. All of which can be found at
I am currently working on a book to support the process of Letting Go which my second set of cards is based on. I found that one needs to let go in order to create space to bring in something new. Here is an example of each. I let go of fear of failure and I am…successful.
For more information about my cards, android apps and book go to