Kathy Scogna


Kathy Miller Scogna spent her early life in Darien, Connecticut, and graduated from the Thomas School. She attended Colorado Women’s College in Denver, and then lived several years in California before settling in Pennsylvania in the mid-1970s.

Joe Scogna, her husband, was a life energy researcher. His books and computer programs from the 1980s combine physics, western medicine, eastern philosophies, homeopathy and psychology with spirituality. Kathy helped with manuscripts, promotional material, and she produced a company magazine, The Life Energy Monitor.

After Joe’s death in 1989, Kathy moved to a farm with her 5 children, which she named Cricket Hill Farm. While renovating the farmhouse, she discovered the oldest section was built of logs. This inspired her to write and publish six local history books. She wrote numerous articles for the West Berks Crier, Reading Eagle Times, Historical Review of Berks County, National Jesuit News, Company, and Berks County Living. She was also an editor of the Historical Review of Berks County.

Living in close proximity to the former Jesuit Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues, Kathy became intrigued with the idea of putting together its history; the result, A House of Bread, has world-wide readership.

Of her titles, The Ford at the Schuylkill brought renewed attention to Conrad Weiser, a buckskin diplomat for the Penn family, and he was designated “Man of the Year” in 2002 when Berks County celebrated its 250th Anniversary. That year, Kathy and her daughter Kalli produced 32 Picture Postcards of Old Berks County.

All of Kathy’s books were written at Cricket Hill Farm. Through the years, when her children were young, they raised chickens, ducks, a horse, peacocks, a goat named Peggy Sue, cats and 4 llamas, one of which was born on the farm, a wonderful surprise!

In appreciation of her civic activities, Kathy was awarded Volunteer of the Year by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (1997) and was recognized a Penn Ambassador by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in 2000. She was a member of the Berks 250th Commission, Historical Documentation, and she wrote the script for the history film. She is a former Trustee of the Historical Society. She wrote a township newsletter, was a township auditor for a number of years, and penned screenplays Lost Between Time and Saving Lois. She is currently working on a novel about Conrad Weiser.

In 2003, through Life Energy Publications, she commenced republishing Joe’s work. “Joe was ahead of his time and today there is a rebirth of his innovative ideas in energetic healing,” said Kathy. Under her direction, the entire Life Energy Research computing system from the 1980s, based on questionnaires and infrared for input, with holistic interpretations and remedies for higher consciousness and awareness, herbs, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, is now a very usable online service called SAF Online. It is beoing accessed by practitioners worldwide at www.LifeEnergyResearch.com/safonline.

With her children grown, in 2007 Kathy moved to Northern California where she continues to reconstruct Joe’s work. More than two dozen books have been published, plus courses for practitioners. Avid readers can be found in 26 countries.