Mentor Program

The Gold Country Writers mission is to offer education, support, resources, promotion and networking opportunities to local authors and writers, empowering them to reach their writing and publishing goals. To that end, we are offering our GCW Mentor Program. It is a free program to our members.

The program will facilitate sharing of various aspects of writing, including publishing experiences, motivational methods, marketing strategies and many other techniques and knowledge to empower writers.

Joining the GCW Mentor program allows writers to meet others interested in the same genre or to explore opportunities in other genres. The program encourages open communication among members.

Qualifications and terms for the GCW Mentor Program:

 Must be a GCW Member.
 No Mentor will be paid any compensation or provided any valuable goods or services for rendering Mentor Guidance.
 Any expenses such as photocopying, supplies, and materials will be at the
expense of the individual participants.
 Either party may withdraw from this program at any time with no penalty whatsoever. A written note confirming your withdrawal would be appreciated, to allow others to take an open space.
 No one under the age of 18 may participate, not even with parental consent. Identification may be requested to establish age.
The program lasts for three months at which time the members will meet for an evaluation of successes. Email to