Minutes August 5, 2015

Gold Country Writers Minutes

August 5, 2015

The Gold Country Writers business meeting was called to order by President Skip Michael with a quorum and eight members present. Those attending were Susan Korn, Joy Hemp, Diane Adams, Bhakti Banning, Joyce Rule, Chery Anderson, Linda Franklin and guest Sondra Berry.

Chery Anderson had two non-GCW announcements. The NOON program at the Auburn Library will present an Old West author, Chris Enss, on September 19. Open Mic for the Spoken Word will be August 22 at the library. Bhakti Banning announced the Placer County Museum will have the annual Heritage Trail event with all museums opening on August 15 and 16.

There was a quick recap of the July speaker, Chris Peddersen, who spoke about writing children’s books. Susan Korn suggested we should provide attendees at the speaker’s presentation with evaluation forms in a simple 1 to 5 format to help the speaker improve.

Chery Anderson talked about the coming speakers. In August two GCW members, Jan Collins and Betsy Swarzentraub, will present a program titled “Writing for Religious Markets.” On September 16 a local graphic artist will present “You Can Tell a Book by its Cover. Stewart Feldman has asked each person to bring a book from their bookshelf or that they have written to have an interactive evaluation of the cover. Maryellen Burns will give an overview of publishing on October 21.

The Mentor Program pilot portion is underway with eight couples paired up. Susan Korn, coordinator, said there are other mentees on a waiting list for mentors. She hopes that after summer vacations she will be able to pair up more Mentor/Mentees.

Joyce Rule read a recap of the evaluation forms turned in after the Open House II event on July 11: some thought the name Open House meant drop-in and came late and missed some of the event, publicity was good, set-up time (starting an hour early) was fine, the upstairs room was loud with air conditioning and other people talking, exterior view through large windows drew in people, needed an author’s “host” to help the authors, banner needed to be more central, background cluttered, lighting was not acceptable, speakers needed to project as mic was not enough, not enough chairs, program was very good, dues to join group not made clear, the welcome table was cluttered and not clear what was happening, door prize was not visible, a suggestion to give one book at a time so author donating gets publicity, most frequent thing mentioned was the need for a break halfway through the program. In general our goal of reaching more people was met as the count was more than 50 attendees.

Chery Anderson asked that everyone submit a bio page to use on the website to show who we are. It is not necessary to be published.

The next meeting will be August 12 and be a Drop-in Critique. After a long discussion it was decided to break up the group so about five people are at each table. Also, the responses will be timed and held to no more than two minutes.


Chery Anderson, substitute secretary

Approved Linda Franklin & Skip Michael, present