Susan Freire-Korn

Gold Country Writers Lead Team

Director of Mentorship Program

Susan KornSusan Freire-Korn is an author of four books: Terror Highway 193, Cool, CA.; Soul Sisters, Come on to My House; We the People . . .The Best of the Best; and The Brown Rabbit . . .Let the Truth Be Told aka Kate Virginia.

“As an Author of three books and soon a fourth I have come to realize that I’m a TRUTH writer. I like to write about the truth and how it impacts our lives. My passion is writing about people who have overcome adversity in their lives by discovering the true meaning of peace and happiness. I have learned through writing we are the masters of own destiny. Cultural Diversity is another interest of mine and I continually seek more knowledge and wisdom about people’s beliefs and values. My mission in life is to help others find happiness and peace as well as job satisfaction. Reaching one’s self-actualization is a huge component in finding everyday happiness and contentment.”