T. E. Watson to speak November 15, 2017

T. E. Watson
Characte Percolation:
The art of discovering your stories’

Characters are difficult enough to come up with, not to mention using them as you think they should be in
your work. From character arcs to simple developmental beginnings, characters are the life blood of your
story. They help your plot flow and keep your readers turning pages. Characters are essential to relatability
and emotional connectivity. How are they developed? How are they emotionally attached to your story?
Where do they come from in the first place? Author T.E. Watson will answer these questions and more.

T.E. Watson, author of Light and Stone: Essays on Writing and the Realities of
, is a 43 year veteran of the publishing industry. His knowledge of
everything from children’s books and young adult to various nonfiction works is
known the world over. He is a multiple award-winning author (24 in all),
columnist, speaker, and writing book coach and mentor. Among his awards:
– Best Children’s Book (2009) for
The Man Who Spoke With Cats from
American Authors Association
– Best Author (2009) also from American Authors Association
– Best Picture Book (2001) for
I Wanna Iguana from Foreword Magazine
This year, he received the coveted Jack London Award from the California
Writers Club for his service as Founding President of the North State Writers
branch in Chico.

Presently, T.E. Watson has four new chapter books in the works and two new picture books. For more, visit
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