GCW minutes of May 1, 2013

    In the absence of Louis Borelli, the meeting was called to order by Chery Anderson with 11 members and two guests present, Rocky Stewart and Sally Watkins.  There was a long discussion about the Spring Book Affair the past Saturday, April 27, 2013, and the success of the event. Going around the room for comments: June Gillam liked being called to the mic to give her “elevator speech” to the crowd, Janet Collins like networking with the other authors, Pat Grogan like the … [read more]

GCW Minutes of April 24, 2013

  The meeting was called to order by Chair Louis Borelli with 13 members and one guest, Betsy Schwarzentraub present.     Publicity for the Spring Book Affair was discussed. Gail McGonigle said the Georgetown Gazette printed an article she submitted and Chery Anderson reported the Sacramento Book Page printed a notice in the Sunday paper. Ann Reh said the event was featured on our Facebook page. The budget for the event was brought up by Susan Korn. She mentioned even though some … [read more]

January 23rd GCW Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Mary Ellen Dempsey, Louise Schnur, Robert Steffens, Chery Anderson, Therese Crutcher-Marin, June Gillam, Louis Borelli, Alton Pryor, Penn L. Smith, and Susan Korn Old Business: Susan Korn completed the process as our Facilitator. She presented the results of the members who voted on the Vision and Mission proposals. An Executive Summary was read and submitted as a final report on the January 9th and 23rd meetings. The majority of the members agreed on these 5 Top Priorities for … [read more]