Website Policies



The primary purpose of the Gold Country Writers website is to promote the works and services of GCW members and to serve the GCW mission and vision.

The secondary purpose of the GCW website is to promote interest in the GCW as a group, providing information about the group events and activities, news and general organization.

The GCW website will be focused on connecting with outside visitors, rather than being an insider site.

All submitted content will be evaluated against these purposes.



Members can list all their websites and any services they offer on their website member’s page. This could include editing, illustrating, graphic design, website development, and many other things. So member’s services are promoted in a contained spot.

The GCW website will not be used to promote the services of any company or non-GCW member. Members wanting to recommend someone’s services or a special offer may do so through announcements at the meeting but the item would not appear on the website.



The policy of GCW is to use the website for posting only that which is about any aspect of writing, editing, publishing or marketing. This material is consistent with the GCW mission to provide education and support.

Post submissions should be submitted by email to one of the website administrators at where it will be reviewed to assure that the content is appropriate. The contributor may be asked to modify or rewrite the piece for length, grammar usage, or other reasons. The article must comply with the GCW Slander & Hostility Policy. No form of discrimination will be posted.



To promote interest in the GCW organization as a resource for writers, reviews, blogs and recommendations that are associated with writing, editing, publishing and marketing will be consider for inclusion piece by piece. Permission to reprint from another source must be obtained in writing.