Winning stories 2017 100 Word Contest

First-place in 2017 goes to Rebecca Inch-Partridge

By Twilight Splendor

“Hey lady, give me your wallet.”
“Okay. Relax. I’m not going to get myself killed over forty bucks. But I need my driver’s license. I’m flying out to see my dying mother.”
“I don’t give a damn about your driver’s license.”
“Of course you don’t. You must be in a bad situation to risk going to prison for armed robbery. Here’s my wallet and business card. I’m a social worker.”
“I’m pointing a damn gun at your head and you want to help me?”
“I believe God sent you to me for a reason.”
“You can keep your damn wallet.”


Second-place Winner Nanci Lee Woody

By Lexophiley

Roger, I’m making a chocolate cake for your birthday party tonight.
Tap tap tap
I could use some help here.
Uh huh.
Are you listening to me?
Tap tap
Roger! You’re like a teenager. What can be so important on Facebook right now?
Right away, Hon.
I read that cell phones are addictive.
Tap tap
And they damage the brain.
Tap tap
Destroy relationships.
Uh huh.
.CNN just reported a tornado descending on our neighborhood.
Tap tap tap
Roger, I’m pouring your cake batter down the drain.
Tap tap
I’m leaving now. Text me if you notice. Happy 80th.


Third-place Winner submitted by Jerry Scribner

Coming Home
By Susan Katz

He came home late. The house was dark except for one lamp. She sat in the living room wearing a negligee not seen in years.
Her affair had sent him away. Now she knew he had someone too.
“You don’t find me attractive, do you,” she said.
“Of course I do.” His voice was flat.
She stood and moved toward him, eyes downcast. The loss was unbearable. He wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her tears.
His face was kind. Their eyes met, then their lips.
A child’s voice called, “Daddy? Are you home?
“Yes” they answered together.