Writers Equipped & Inspired at Mount Hermon

Writers Equipped and Inspired at Mount Hermon

By Betsy Schwarzentraub


I attended the Christian Writers Conference this  April at Mount Hermon, in the beautiful redwoods of Felton, CA. Best-selling authors, agents, and editors from publishing houses came from across the U.S. to teach, and offered priceless fifteen-minute sessions with individuals to critique and hear pitches. The conference overflowed with resources to equip and inspire writers for an amazing range of genres! I drank in every resource I could – and bought a thumb drive of all the workshops, to learn and share with interested GCW members over the months ahead.

Workshops were the heart and life of the five-day experience. We chose from the following eight-hour Major Morning Track options: Getting started or restarted as a published author; Writing your best nonfiction book now; A Christian approach to writing; Using humor; Writing for children; Creating stand-out fiction; and Lifestyle marketing, which I attended.

Afternoons offered a stunning 42 one-hour workshops, from which we could choose six, on various topics:

° Fiction – from Sci. fi. and Romance novels to Flash fiction and Writing fight scenes;

° Writing for children – from Picture books to Beginning readers;

° The business of writing – from Use of time to Funding our passion;

° Nonfiction – from Travel writing to Creative nonfiction;

° The writing process – from Historical research to How to title your book and carry its theme;

° Specialty markets – from Screenwriting to ° Christian cards;

° Book promotion – from Writing a winning one-sheet for your book to Secrets for writing a great book proposal.

° Writer’s platform – with workshops from Starting your platform to Doing an online presence makeover.

I look forward to presenting some highlights about this topic at 10:00 on July 19, 2017, when Gold Country Writers meets in the Rose Room at City Hall.


GRAPHIC CAPTION: The Writer’s Chair beckons writers to sit and write.