August 17, 2022

Third Wednesday, Speaker Meeting
Susan Korn on Mentor Program, &
Frank Nissen leading Workshop on Similarities of Story Creation

The third Wednesday of the month is our speaker meeting. Our August 17, 2022, our speakers are Susan Korn, kicking off the Gold Country Writer’s Mentor Program and Frank Nissen, leading a workshop entitled “From Mulan to Pegg… Similarities of Story Creation.”

On the Mentor Program: At this workshop you will learn what you can achieve through the GCW Mentoring Process. Who are Mentors in GCW? Who have been Mentees in GCW? What was their experience?  How has the mentoring program helped you to be successful in your writing?

On From Mulan to Pegg…Similarities of Story Creation: Frank Nissen worked as an animator for forty years with various studios, including Disney. He will discuss the similarities he sees between filmmaking and prose writing. Both build on the common denominators of characters, settings and plot. It will be a workshop of sorts, so bring paper, pencils or tablet.


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