Mary Helen Fein

I have been writing since I was 12 years old, and in many ways writing was a lifeline for me. It was the one place I could tell the truth. All   adults I knew seems crazy and difficult. My parents were very young (18) when I was born, and really were not ready for a kid. I grew up all over the country, going back and forth between the halves of a broken home. I had difficult step parents in both camps.

I had a painful childhood, but somehow I am having a very good life. My grandmother saved me. And I knew my parents loved me, even if they were preoccupied with their own endless dramas. And don’t forget the 17 years of therapy! That helped me a lot, and I have tremendous respect for the professional counselors.

I’m an East Coaster, coming from New York and Philadelphia. I have a Master’s in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. in English Literature from Temple University. When I was a senior in college a professor lost everything I had ever written. This was before the days of copy machines, so it was simply gone. I was devastated and did not write again for a long time.

I published my first novel in 2014, False Deliverance. It’s a story about a young woman who gets involved in the dangerous drug trade during the 1970’s and how she finds her way out. False Deliverance is available on Amazon in soft cover and for Kindle.

My second novel will be published in 2017. It is called Nana. This is a fictional biography of my grandmother, who came over from Russia, by herself, at the age of 16. Like millions of other Jews, she came to America to escape anti-Semitism. She landed at Ellis Island, lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and worked in the garment or shmatta trade. She had great courage and great humor. I am happy to honor her with this book. Gold Country Writer’s Novel Writer’s Group has been tremendously helpful to me. I also paint, and enjoy being able to work in two art forms. In addition I love to work with computers and own a small website development company in Auburn.


False Deliverance, 2014: A Young Woman’s Adventures in the Drug Trade. Available on Amazon. (cover graphic attached)

Nana, 2017: A fictional biography of my grandmother. She came from Russia alone at the age of 16 to Ellis Island. She lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and worked in the garment industry, known as the Shmatta Trade. With great courage and humor, she lived one version of the American Dream.

The members goals and commentary on life.

My religion is kindness, to quote the Dalai Lama. I am a Buddhist because it helps me to be a kinder person. I have practiced meditation for nearly 25 years. I have taught meditation in the local communities for over 10 years. I write and I paint. You can see my artwork at I own a small website design and development firm in Auburn, Parallax Design Group

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