Skip Michael

Skip Michael was born in Texas, but has lived most of his life in California. A high school drop-out, he spent four years in the US Air Force, where he realized an education was important, and obtained a GED (General Education Degree).

After his discharge from the Air Force, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department. Using his GI bill he attended East Los Angeles Jr. College, where he earned his AA degree and a scholarship to the University of Southern California (USC). After graduating with his bachelor degree, he went on to earn his Master’s degree.
Skip, as he was come to be known on the LAPD, was promoted to Detective and worked a variety of assignments in the greater Los Angeles area. While on the LAPD, Skip joined the U.S. Army Reserves. He was sent on many missions, some of which cannot be talked about today. He now lives in northern California.

His Genre is Science Fiction. He has two books currently on Amazon. Click here