59-word Story Contest Celebration

Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

Auburn Airport – Barnstormer Room, 13626 New Airport Road, Auburn
Join us for a “Sock Hop and Hats Off” and a “Pizza and Salad Potluck” celebration
to honor the winners of the Gold Country Writers 59-word Story Contest!

“Sock Hop and Hats Off” 

The event will have a 1959 theme! Members are asked to wear socks for the sock hop and dress in ’59 style clothing. Because it is our traditional Hats Off event, members are requested to wear baseball caps to doff to the winners. 

“Pizza and Salad Potluck” 

We will have a sign-up ahead for those wanting pizza (and asking for $10 to cover the cost), and for non-pizza people, you are asked to bring a potluck salad to share. 

Recognition for 

Winners of 59-word Story Contest

Recognition also for 

“Best Socks”

“Best Baseball Hat”


Contact Chery Anderson at goldcountrywriters1849@gmail.com.

Join in the fun!









EMAIL your 59-Word Story Entry to contest@goldcountrywriters.com

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