About GCW

Our Mission:

The mission of Gold Country Writers is to offer local authors and aspiring writers education, support, resources, and networking opportunities to empower them to succeed in reaching their writing and publishing goals. 

 Our Purpose:

The specific purpose of the organization is to offer education, support and resources to writers and the community as a whole. It educates and encourages writers of all levels and disciplines in skill development. It benefits the community with new books, author connections, and free activities for the public. 

Being a writer can be a solitary endeavor. We strive to maintain a friendly space where writers can gather and learn from each other. And in accordance with our mission we welcome everyone—from fledgling novices to published veterans—with open arms.

While we remain a place where writers can find support for those rough patches of their writing journey, GCW has also evolved. We now offer genre-specific critique groups, nationally recognized guest speakers, and writing contests.

We have developed into a vibrant part of the greater Gold Country community, supporting events that draw visitors from far and wide.

With each new year the group strives to overcome the challenges of the times, and to meet the needs of our members in unique ways. If 2020 and Covid-19 have taught us anything, it’s that we are resilient and stronger as a team. Together, yet over our Zoom meetings, the GCW community is working hard to ensure a bright future for all our members.