59-Word Story – Photos and Winning Stories

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Emcee Catharine Bramkamp introduces members to repad their story entries.

Director of Communications Chery Anderson telling about upcoming GCW events as we wait for pizza to be delivered.

Sheila Lopez – 2nd Place and Charleta Spinks – 1st Place

Pizza party celebration with yummy pizzas!

President Susan Korn telling about her 1950s outfit. She provided the fabulous decorations for the fun themed celebration.


First Place
My Four Grandmothers
by Charleta SpinksAt four, Grandma Ann taught me to read.  By five, Grandma Glady’s lakeside lessons had me hooking bass. At six, through Grandma Agnes’s patient guidance, I learned to iron and sew. And by ten, Noni’s little farm opened my world to chickens, ducks, rabbits, and cows. Four grandmothers, four seasons of wisdom, shaping my life with skills and love.Second Place
The Confession
by Sheila LopezIt was such a sad day. I had to make a confession which would surely break my faithful husband’s heart! “My darling,” I said, “I’m so sorry, but I’m in love with someone else.” He looked shocked; then he smiled. “How fortunate, my dear,” he said. “So am I!” Suddenly, I hated him, which made everything so much easier.Third Place
Dream Your Life to Live Your Dreams
by Barbara YoungDuring college, it became my dream to live in the Caribbean one day. Skeptical friends proclaimed me, “Caribbean Queen.” A white sand beach with palms became my vision. After graduation, I vacationed, sailing the Caribbean. On one voyage, I teared upon entering a white sand bay—I found my dream! Within two years, I made that island my home.

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