Betsy Schwarzentraub

Rev. Dr. Betsy Schwarzentraub is the author of Growing Generous Souls: Becoming Grace-Filled Stewards, Stewardship: Nurturing Generous Living, and Afire with God: Becoming Spirited Stewards.

Her book soon to be published is Tossed in Time: Steering by the Christian Seasons. It’s easy to feel lost at sea, stripped of a sense of meaningful movement through time, when so many social anchors have been torn away due to the recent pandemic. This book introduces people to the ancient Christian seasons to help them reshape their sense of time and find their place in a larger Story. Peter’s experience of walking with Jesus on the stormy sea threads throughout the book. Reflection questions and at-home activities help readers live by a rhythm that follows Jesus’ life, revealing a pattern that can infuse each day with meaning.

A contributor to twelve other books, Betsy has published more than 1,000 articles across North America, served as editor of religious newspapers, and was the Religion Editor for a secular newspaper for five years.

Betsy’s home website,, offers more than 300 articles on Christian living. provides a companion Small Group Study Guide, seven weeks of related daily devotions, and more.