John J. Vester

John J. Vester has spent much of his time on the planet working in printing, graphics, and as an analyst for California State Government. Now retired, he can spend more time pursuing his interests; hiking in the Sierras, woodworking, and writing. A space buff since childhood, he has witnessed one of the last Shuttle launches and Spacex’s first launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. John also volunteers for JP Aerospace.

After making a minor (with a very small “m”) splash in Analog just over 20 years ago, he has recently had short stories accepted and his fact article about JP Aerospace was a 2019 Anlab award winner. John has had an essay and two guest editorials in Analog in recent months, and a short story in the September/October edition of that venerable old SciFi magazine. He has an article about spaceports pending publication in AdAstra magazine, the newsletter of the National Space Society. He plans to keep at writing as he now has a four-year-old grandson to impress.