Bill Baynes

Bill Baynes is a writer, producer and director, who has worked in many different media formats, ranging from newspapers and television to feature films, magazines and websites.

He was a journalist in Florida for The Miami Herald, The Associated Press and WJXT-TV in Jacksonville. His award-winning documentary, “Yesterday’s Man,” portrayed life inside a maximum-security prison.

A specialist in public interest media, he directed the first two statewide public education campaigns about HIV prevention and dozens of other campaigns about health-related topics.

He was production manager of “Street Music,” a feature film released in 1982, and publisher of Golden State, a magazine with a 4 million annual circulation in California.

He has released four works of fiction with four different Indie publishers: Mission to Brimstone, a young adult science fiction novel; Bunt!, a young adult baseball novel; The Occupation of Joe, a historical novella set in Tokyo in 1945; and The Coyote Who Braved Baseball, a middle-grade novel. His short stories and poetry have appeared in many different literary magazines.