Chery Anderson

There is a time when a storyteller stands before an audience telling a tale, and it gets quiet, no one moves, or blinks, or coughs. Every single person within hearing pauses and waits for the teller’s next word. Chery Anderson remembers clearly the first time that happened to her. Since that day she’s spoken to many audiences and is always aware when the point comes when she has them in her hand. Chery has been writing stories, especially short stories for many years but just began telling her stories orally about 10 years ago. Now she is a member of the  Storyteller Association of California, the Foothill Storytelling Guild and participates in several other groups. She is involved in organizing the Auburn Winter Storytelling Festival, one of the best-known festivals on the West Coast. A founding member of Gold Country Writers and a past president where she remains very active in the organization. Chery Anderson is producer of Open Mic for the Spoken Word, which encourages writers and poets to share their work before an audience.

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