Cynthia A. Ruth

Cynthia A. Ruth has been a resident of San Joaquin County in California for several years, where she lives with her husband. She grew up in the Sierra foothills along the middle fork Cosumnes River in El Dorado County, CA. She enjoyed years of exploring the sparsely populated countryside on horseback.

She currently enjoys training and competing with her Australian Shepherds in various dog sporting events and loves writing and gardening. She is also a Rally Obedience judge for the Australian Shepherd Club of America. She is a member of the San Joaquin Dog Training Club and serves as Vice President of the Western Australian Shepherd Obedience Club and is a member of the Gold Country Writers and Capital Crimes, Sacramento Chapter of Sisters in Crime.



Cynthia has three published books:

Hoofbeats Across My Heart: Cowboys, Book 1

Hoofbeats Across My Heart: Outlaws, Book II

All Our Furry Friends

You will find her books on Amazon, under Cynthia A. Ruth. Contact: