Del Dozier

Del Dozier is a writer, actress, and singer from Los Angeles, where she pursued a twenty year career on stage, in television, and as a voiceover artist. Additionally, she worked for Sony Pictures Imageworks and Sony Pictures Animation for fourteen years before moving to NorCal. Since arriving in Auburn, she has performed as a singer and actress in various venues, such as The State Theatre, and at General Gomez Arts and Events Center in Deathtrap and Love Letters.

Del’s interest in writing began when she received her first diary for Christmas at ten years old. Over the years, she discovered journal writing to be a great tool for creative self-expression and healing. Del enjoys writing short stories and won second place in the 100-Word Story Contest at GCW in 2018. She is currently writing a memoir about how she came to find her voice in a childhood of change, secrets, and dysfunction, which she hopes will move and inspire others.