Jody Brady

Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Jody has lived in various parts of the states—including Chicago, Spokane, Boulder, San Francisco and more. Her love of history, art and Scuba diving inspired her eleven, TRAVELING with GRANDMA books. Writing gives her an opportunity to recall wonderful travel adventures and hopefully, inspire her grandchildren to explore the world. The latest is stateside, Traveling With Grandma to Kansas City. Her eight-year-old grandsons are reading the books on You Tube.

Graduating with a BA in Psychology and Sociology, Jody later completed all graduate study for Physical Education counseling, while owning Jody’s Sweat Shops—Aerobic Studios in Colorado. Later, moving to Walnut Creek, CA, she created a Direct Mail Company, Good Stuff Coupons. After raising two sons and owning businesses for 38 years, she now gets to relax and write. Because she has theories about “almost everything,” her friends encouraged her to put her “supposed” wisdom into writing. She did that in I’m Not Your Mother—So Listen to Me, and her theories on ending relationships in a kind and ethical manner in Surviving a Break-Up. For English and Spanish practice, she wrote Living with Larrythe Perfect Pandemic Pal, about her cat. 

Links to all Jody’s books are here on her website: