June Gillam

Novelist and poet, June Comarsh Gillam is a native of Sacramento, California, born to a Bohemian father and Irish/Welsh mom. A genre bender, June likens her Hillary Broome crime fiction series to a box of chocolates, each with its own flavor. House of Cuts is on the “Nancy Drew meets Dexter” side, featuring redheaded reporter Hillary hunting down a butcher gone berserk after a superstore moves in and puts his small shop out of business. A more circumspect read is House of Dads, when Hillary’s cousin dies at an Irish wake, drawing Hillary into a network of jealousy, greed, and family secrets. House of Eire takes Hillary on an adventure to Ireland where she intends researching ancestors but instead witnesses deadly specters haunting her travels. Providing edgy mother/daughter and land use conflicts, House of Hoops is set in the competitive world of basketball and urban development. Nest of White Crows will be book #5 and Womb of Slaves, #6.

A founding member of San Joaquin Valley Writers branch of the California Writers Club, she was honored with a Jack London Award in 2017 and served on the editorial team for the 2019 CWC Review. June can be reached through her website: www.junegillam.com.