Mary Boyle

Mary Boyle is relatively new to children’s book writing but has had a lifetime of writing experiences. Using the pen name Mariah Clark Skewes in honor of her mother, a brilliant woman who lived with chronic schizophrenia and enrolled Mary in kindergarten under that name, Mary focuses her writing on the antics of children who operate outside the norm. She has a passion for encouraging the understanding of marginalized individuals, and has spent her professional career nurturing tenacious, imaginative, and often misunderstood children and teens toward bright and rewarding futures. She loves a challenge and believes that with enough compassion, understanding, structure and support, all children can thrive.

Mary’s soon to be published children’s picture book titles include:

  • The Never Series—Never Hug a Hedgehog, Never Kiss a Fish, and Never Pet a Penguin
  • O is for Pig
  • King Betterist
  • Jordan
  • Best Friends

She has also completed a collection of Short Stories: Maddie’s World—A Celebration of Uniqueness; and for adults: The ABC’s of Hope & Healing.

Mary is a former public school administrator with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Special Education.  She now serves as an advocate for children in foster care and adults seeking their high school diplomas. She lives with her husband on a vineyard in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California where they grow wine grapes and raise honeybees and Southdown Dollface sheep. When not writing, Mary can be found visiting with their four adult children and their families, running on trails, competing in world marathons, and travelling.