Sheila Lopez

As a psychotherapist and writer for thirty years, Sheila and her clients adopted the motto: “It’s all in how you look at it!”

It is no surprise, then, that Sheila’s books also follow this theme:

Retired Women, Laughing at Gravity—wherein senior women discover the fun and freedom of aging.  (2011) 

The Language of Italia, a True Adventure—wherein senior women are encouraged to seek adventure and lifelong learning as they step out of their comfort zones.  (2019)

Poetry for Women Without Men—wherein senior women contemplate a phase of life without Prince Charming.  (2023)

Currently, Sheila features the creative endeavors of senior women on her blog Bright Ideas—Senior Women Create. You can view Sheila’s blog at Each week, on Sheila’s website, an inspiring profile is presented. The profile is accompanied by a stunning photo, an opportunity to exchange comments, an open invitation to be featured, and information on how to contact Sheila and how to order her books.

Books by Sheila Lopez

Poetry for Women Without Men


The Language of Italia, a True Adventure


Retired Women, Laughing at Gravity