Members Publications Document

This list of Gold Country Writers Members’ Publications was created by Chery Anderson. It includes up to four publications per member. All listed publications are available on Amazon, thus easily available to books clubs and libraries. (Authors may have other publications that are not listed here: more than four publications or publications not listed on Amazon.)


Anderson, David C.

Assessing the Human-Animal Bond: A Compendium of Actual Measures

What Was Within: Poems

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


 Baynes, Bill


 The Occupation of Joe   

 The Coyote Who Braved Baseball

 Mission to Brimstone

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Boyle, Mary (writing as Mariah Clark Skewes)

Never Kiss a Fish (and Activity Book)

 ABC’s of Hope & Healing

 Quirky Grandma Jean (and Activity Book)

 Maddie’s in the Middle


Bramkamp, Catharine 

Future Girls: Changing the past is harder than it looks

 After I’m Buried Alive: Sexy at Sixty

 Deep Trouble: Sensible Adults: More Bad Choices

 Death Revokes the Offer


Brawley, Ernest

Blood Moon

Jihadi Joe

Love Has No Country

Desert Places


Buck, Shelley

India Bound: The Making of a Woman Journalist

East: A Woman on the Road to Kathmandu

Floating Point: Endlessly Rocking Off Silicon Valley


Coles-Littlepage, Wendy

Disfigured: A Gothic Romance

About Face – Book 2 of the Disfigured Series

Spirit of Revenge – Book 3 of the Disfigured Series


Fein, Mary Helen

Loss of Deliverance: A Young Woman’s Adventures in the Drug Trade 

 Stitching a Life: An Immigration Story


Freire-Korn, Susan

 Terror on Highway 193: A Guide for The Suddenly Disabled

 Soul Sisters, Come On to My House: Discussing Cultural

                 Sensitivity and Human Kindness

 We the People… the Best of the Best: A Guide for Reaching

                    Your Fullest Potential in Corporate America

 The Brown Rabbit: Let the Truth be Told (pen name Kate Virginia)


Gillam, June

Nest of White Crows

 House of Hoops

House of Cuts

House of Eire


Gold Country Writers Anthology

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Griffin, Joan

Force of Nature


Hemp, Joy

I Am Transforming: Creating Meaningful Change Through Empowering

                And Inspiring Thoughts

I Am Affirmations Coloring Book #1

I Am Affirmations Coloring Book #2


Inch-Partridge, Rebecca

Escaping the Dashia

Abby’s Fire (co-author with Corinne Malcolm Ibeling)

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Kalbach, Phyllis

Blue Eden: The Future AFTER THE ICE MELT


Kato, Jeaninne Escallier

Manuel’s Murals


Kress, Dorothe D.

The Risk: Forbidden Love Behind the Iron Curtain


Landenberger, Randy (writing as Randy L. Scott)

Freedom – Book #1 of the Dream Messiah Series

Into the Fire – Book #2 of the Dream Messiah Series

Awaken – Book #3 of the Dream Messiah Series

The True Story of Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Stevens:  The Ghosts

                of Kennicott (co-author with Don Sheets)


Lardner, Kelly

The Keeper of All Good Things   

 Rose Beads (pen name Ke Ridolfi) 


Lopez, Sheila

 Retired Women Laughing at Gravity

 Poetry for Women Without Men

 The Language of Italia – A True Adventure   


McHenry, Rosanne S.

Trip Tales: From Family Camping to Life as a Ranger

Tales From a Rogue Ranger


McKee, Elke 

His Story is My Story


Meredith, Richard  


The Crow’s Nest

Sky Dance


Miller, Patricia Dove

Bamboo Secrets: One Woman’s Quest Through the Shadows of Japan


Nevins, Pauline

“Fudge” The Downs and Ups of a Biracial Half-Irish British War Baby

 Bonkers for Conkers

The Last House Before Spain: Discovering the Home of a … Grandfather

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Nissen, Frank

Fortune’s Call

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


O’Haver, Michael

Sierra Gold Fever


Osborn, Susan M.

The System Made Me Do It! A Life-Changing Approach to Office Politics

 Assertive Training for Women

 Awful Bosses Coloring Book

 Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Pignata, Brenda Sue

Lessons from the Lion: Camping on the Serengeti


Pressler, Sarah

Jambo Mama

The Little Askari


Ruth, Cynthia A.

All Our Furry Friends

Hoofbeats Across My Heart: Cowboys

Hoofbeats Across My Heart: Outlaws


Schliff, Lisa

Fire in the Springs


Schwarzentraub, Betsy

Afire with God: Becoming Spirited Stewards  

Guidelines 2013-2016 – Stewardship: Nurturing Generous Living

Growing Generous Souls: Becoming Grace-Filled Stewards

Tossed in Time: Steering by the Christian Calendar (& Expanded Edition)

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


 Shields, Kathryn

 On the Point of a Star


Unis, Georgette


Watercolors in the Desk Drawer

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Warren, Leslie

Unbreakable: A 31-day Devotional on Overcoming Your Past

                and Taking Hold of Victory


Webb, Margie Yee

Cat Mulan’s Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life

Not Your Mother’s Book … On Cats (co-editor)

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction and Poetry


Wentzel, Lynn

New Jersey’s Remarkable Women, Daughters, Wives, Sisters,

and Mothers Who Shaped History           


Whitwell, Randy

Theo and Stella’s Amazing Dinosaur Adventure

Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


 Wicks, Terry

 Our Angel for Twenty-One Years


Woody, Nanci Lee

Tears and Trombones: A Novel Based on a True Story

 Ink Spots Award-winning Flash Fiction & Poetry


Young, Barbara

The Heart That Rocks Health Care: Nurses – Move from Stress to Success,

              Empowerment and Influence

Mother’s Pearls: An Endearing Gift

Grandma Lost Cuddles: Adventures with Dementia